We offer you a magnificent collection of outdoor furniture. 

LIFE OUTDOOR LIVING has entered into a partnership with IMPERIAL FURNITURE.

In our 2000m2 showroom we have reserved 500m2 for this unique concept of Live outdoor living.

Life works with its own models and designs.

The entire collection is produced under our own supervision and is tested on durability, quality and functionality with care. People and their social environment always form the basis of the designs, with the experience of nature playing a major part.

The collection is aimed at comfort, functionality and user-friendliness. In every season the outdoor furniture can serve as an addition to your home interior and form a whole with the garden, the terrace and the sun lounge.

Life supplies the best leisure furniture, manufactured from high-quality materials and assembled with the greatest care. All our products are 100% weatherproof.


 For prices send us a specified email and to see the entire collection you can take a look by downloading our 



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